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Re: Installation Success on PowerPC SMP G4 w/ ADC monitor - but whence GLX?

On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 02:40:27PM -0600, Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:
> I installed the 2.4.12-powerpc-smp kernel image package, and that 
> appeared to work with my SMP.  However, the r128 module for DRI doesn't 
> come with that kernel, so I built my own (with r128 and DRI both 
> compiled in, not as modules), from linus's 2.4.14 tree.
> Although I get the output I expect from the diagnostic tool:
>      glyph@zelda:~% glxinfo | grep direct
>      direct rendering: Yes
> running glxgears will hang my X server until it is killed -- except for 
> the hardware cursor, which appears to keep displaying just fine. 
> Apparently there are no ill effects to doing this (I've been running for 
> 24 hours since the last time I tried it) but it does not display the 
> friendly MesaGL demo that I have come to know and love.

This also happens on my iBook if AGP is turned on. Try again without AGP

I seem to recall that r128.o needs AGP turned on in order to build, so
you should probably build AGP and r128 as modules, but just not load

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