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Re: New TiBook 550 w/Radeon Mobility question

"Christopher C. Chimelis" wrote:
> I know these things are brand new, but I was wondering if anyone else
> had a Radeon-equipped Powerbook yet?

Not yet, you lucky bastard. ;)

> * I got BenH's latest (as of yesterday) kernel source and compiled a
>   custom kernel.  The Radeon FB on this variety of chip support still
>   seems to be immature.  It booted into 640x480 (making the text a
>   very small subset of this giant screen).  When I used fbset to scale
>   it up to 1152x768, the FB was VERY slow, taking nearly 30 secs to
>   display a screenful of a manpage.  Scaling it back down made it
>   faster, but not nearly as fast as the OF FB (so I switched back to
>   that for now).

Someone posted a patch to enhance things to the linuxppc-dev list. I expect
benh to integrate it into his tree when he gets his TiBook or maybe even

> * Because of the above, I haven't been able to get X going reliably on
>   it. I've barely tried so far, though, in all fairness.  I managed to
>   get it working once, but at 640x480 and the keymap was fubar.  That
>   was using the FB Xserver, not the 'ati' server, which failed to
>   detect the adapter at all (I tried specifing BusID also, which
>   didn't work).

The driver only supports the chip in current CVS and the upcoming 4.2.0
release. There might be the usual porting issues though.

> * Power management doesn't seem to work very well yet with this PMU. 
>   I don't think they changed it, but the framebuffer differences cause
>   odd things to happen when it tries to go to sleep.  I haven't tried
>   beyond putting the screen to sleep yet.

That's something else which will certainly improve when benh gets his TiBook.

> In all, not bad (expected worse on such a new machine). 

Yep, Apple's continuity in hardware equipment is very good.

> I like the laptop and will get quite a bit of use out of it despite
> the above (I don't usually run X often and can always go to OS X if I
> need a GUI for something).  I also understand that these things will
> improve over time, so I'm sure I'll be testing it out quite a bit and
> will try to provide reports to the list...

Great, you already managed to render me even less able to wait until I can
finally afford one of those lovely machines as well. Keep up the good work
with binutils and your other packages!

Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)/ Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
XFree86 and DRI project member   /  CS student, Free Software enthusiast

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