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Next problem on the road to iBook Debian Linux

Ok...after Ethan gave me the push in the right direction, I have now gotten the iBook to boot off of the network using TFTP and woody boot floppies. My problem is now that I have a potato cd which may or may not be bad. I have tried to install over http/ftp and it asks if it can use DHCP (What I use with x86) and it goes off to do it and says everything worked, but I get hostname lookup failures. It didn't set anything up. So, I configure it manually but that seems to result in the same behavior. I would like to either install over the network or find a place that has fairly up to date woody pre-release iso's for powerpc (so far I have only seen 386 isos)

So, thanks again, but I definitely am on my way just need a little more help.


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