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Re: Need 2.4.9-benh0 snapshot or diff

>i have diffed ben's and Linus' tree and the differences are almost
>entirely due to i2o (sound hardware you don't have) and iSeries
>(something else you don't have any use for, its some embedded arch i
>penguinppc.org has been running pure Linus since 2.4.8, its currently
>on 2.4.12 with no problems whatsoever, and its a newworld G4, with
>oldworld your definitly fine with Linus.

With a few exceptions...

The power management is definitely not up to date in Linus tree,
as are a few Mac specific drivers. I would recomment using the
Linus tree (or bk _2_4 which is supposed to be very close to linus
as it is regulary merged) for desktop machines. bk _2_4_devel is
probably a better choice for laptop users as it contains all the
power management tweaks.

My rsync tree is definitely not something you want to use if you
are looking for a stable kernel source :) I keep no version control
and occasionally push some very experimental changes. Use it at
your own risk. It's purpose is for people to test some experimental
stuffs I'm working on, like firewire support, AGP support, etc...

Once those things are considered stable enough, I merge them into
2_4_devel, and eventually 2_4 (in this case, I also send patches
to Linus for inclusion in the main tree).


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