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Re: Kernel 2.4 - serial/internal modem problem

>Sorry, no modem was detected!  Is it in use by another program?
>Did you configure it properly with setserial?
>Any insight into what could be wrong would be appreciated.  I would really
>like to use the 2.4 kernel so I can have my powerbook go to sleep when I
>close it and also for accelerated 3d graphics.  But those two don't outweigh
>being able to connect to the internet at home.(Networking works fine when
>plugged into the network at work by the way).

The problem is that wvdialconf (and other dialers) won't wait long
enough for the modem to power up (which takes approximately 3 seconds
after opening the port).

You should configure wvdial manually, and make sure it has a longer
timeout when sending the init string.

Paulus and I are trying to find a workaround, but that will requires
changes to the dialers & wvdialconf.


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