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Re: New TiBook 550 w/Radeon Mobility question

On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, Michel [iso-8859-1] Dänzer wrote:

> Not yet, you lucky bastard. ;)

Hehehehe...what can I say?  Actually, this was the first fully-assembled
computer that I've purchased since the 1980s, so I'm probably not all that
lucky :-P

> Someone posted a patch to enhance things to the linuxppc-dev list. I expect
> benh to integrate it into his tree when he gets his TiBook or maybe even
> earlier.

Thanks for the pointer.  I'll go check that out and let everyone know how
well (or not) it worked.

> The driver only supports the chip in current CVS and the upcoming 4.2.0
> release. There might be the usual porting issues though.

I noticed a reference to a patch against 4.1.0 that will support this
chip, but haven't found it yet.  Time to go digging, I suppose.

> That's something else which will certainly improve when benh gets his TiBook.
> :)

Looks like kernel support for going to sleep is fine...at least the /proc
bits are ok.  Guess it's just the FB support that needs work.

> Great, you already managed to render me even less able to wait until I can
> finally afford one of those lovely machines as well. Keep up the good work
> with binutils and your other packages!

Hehehehe...thanks :-)  I'm preparing a new upload now, complete with
powerpc debs (already built...waiting on the mips machine to finish
compiling the mips debs, as usual).


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