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Re: kups questions

Hi Russsell!

As you mentioned my mail, I'm relative beginner as well, but lets see...

On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 07:39:21AM -0500, Russell Hires wrote:
> I can't print! I'd like to know all I can about this particular situation, 
> such as, how do I know if I've got kernel modules running around my system 
> for USB?

You can have a look to /boot/config-2.2.xx and see in section USB how
this kernel is configured. And it need not to be a module, you can
compile usb-printing fix into your kernel, so looking for a module
that doesn't exist ... ;-)

If it's compiled as module see man modprobe, lsmod ... and the
kernel-sources /Documentation/modules.txt (if you own the sources).

> Will such modules recognize the fact that the USB is PCI related? 
No idea about that, 

> setting up the hardware entries and such, which I did...

There was one option I can't remember in 2.2.x-kernels usb-section,
which you need for all usb-devices and it's mentioned on Franz Sirls 
"new-input-layer page". (Probably CONFIG_EBDEV or something like that.)

>                                                ... When I start up the 
> CUPS configuration tool I get a message that it can't connect to the
> server.

I experienced this a time ago, and IIRC there was a problem with
potato's CUPS. But probably it resolved.

I personally upgraded to woody's which works well.

I've no idea about that config-tool but you can configure CUPS with
     lpadmin -p <printer> -E -v <device-path> -m <ppd>
     lpadmin -p Epson -E -v /dev/usb/usblp0 -m drivername.ppd
/dev/usb/usblp0 you clearly have to adapt to your device-path and the
PPD-filename you can get from http://www.linuxprinting.org

It should work immediatly after you gave that command-line with e.g.

lp -o media=a4 testfile.txt

> It also can't find any USB ports to connect to, either...

Probably it's not configured in the kernel ....

Hope it helped and Good Luck



Georg Koss

mailto: g.koss@eunet.at

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