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Re: boot - powermac 7300 : in english now... sorry.

> > > A small bug which is harmless if you input the correct size, as you
> > > did.  Of course it has been fixed by now but you don't need the fix
> > > because you have the work around.
> >
> > unfortuantly nobody built new boot-floppies for potato so even though
> > potato has a fixed mac-fdisk, nobody will be able to use it during
> > installation.
> I hate it when that happens.

Ditto. And I hate to pester Joey to include the new mac-fdisk in r4 for
no apparent reason :-( Well, he said there'll be 2.2r5 before woody is
released so let's schedule boot-floppies for 2.2r5.

I thought only m68k was lame when it comes to boot-floppies (and that's
not to say the only m68k maintainer with stomach enough to do b-f is lame.
There wasn't even any bug filed by the users to request a b-f rebuild).


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