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Re: Mundane question about memory needed

> I am a Linux newbie, and I just managed to get the Debian 2.2 R3
> booted up on my PowerMac 7600/120. Tried to do 'startx' and the kernel
> paniced. I loaded the Gnome package on the initial installation.
> Before I go any further in troubleshooting, I should mention I only
> have 16 MB RAM [...] Would it crash for not enough RAM?

It might.  I remember some of the 2.2 kernel series had out-of-memory bugs
that caused panics; I triggered one of these on my PowerBase 180.

How much swap space do you have (if you're not sure, type 'free' to find
out).  If you allocate enough swap, then it should run without crashing
(albeit very slowly).

> I'm going to buy more anyway, but I was curious if that could be the
> cause right there, and not fiddle with the software until I do get the
> RAM.

Set your swap to at least 32MB, then see if anything still breaks.

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