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Re: Kernel Panic with mac-fdisk: It's reproducible...

> I wrote a little test case that reproduces this kernel panic most of the
> time. the code doesn't need to write. Just read the partition map, sync +
> reread it again = crash :-( Very basic.

Now does this happen on other architectures as well (with Mac partitions),
or other partition table formats?

> On my slower machines (iBook, TiBook and my G4 Cube), it happens either
> sometimes or all the time by lowering the sleep time before re-reading the
> partition map. So as machine speed increase, it's doomed to happen more
> often.

What time to usleep() seems enough to prevent this from happening? I'll
add a short sleep in mac-fdisk as a workaround while this is being fixed
on the kernel side.

> vector:0 at pc=c0039d14, lr = c0039d14
> msr = 9032, sp cbdd1db0 [cbdd1cf8]
> current cbdd0000, pid=1222, comm = readmap

That's mostly chinese for me without being fed through some ksymoops like
tool (or your System.map; what's near c0039d14 in System.map?)


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