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Re: debian-powerpc: configuring the airport

Have written an article on www.pro-linux.de -> but in german only ...

> If the basestation can't act as a firewall then I should be able to 
> still use the existing firewall.  How do I masquerade the airport 
> basestation ?  ie. the firewall will masquerade all traffic within the 
> local network but what about the basestation as it is connected directly 
> to the internet.  The ISP may see 2 IP nodes which I do not want them to 
> see as technically my ISP does not allow me to connect a network to the 
> Internet.

If you want to connect the Airport Base Station directly to the internet you can
do Network Address Translation ( NAT ) on the Base Station.

If you use the Base Station as Bridge you have to masquarade with you firewall.
should work because you have only the net ( no difference between wire and wireless )

Search for Airport Java Configurator on Google.

With the Java Configurator it should be easy to configure the base station.

Hope I could give you some hints.



> Thanks for any help or pointers.
> Brendan Simon.
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