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be psyched

 Greeetings .
recently the BeOs has become available for aquisition . Palm has been the major contender so far with it's intention of using code base for other projects which will have nothing to do with BeOs . Effectivily the demise of a beutifull OS. Built from the ground up for multi media , scalability and performance . To any who have used this ellegant OS or are involved with multi media and computers the future looks bleak . an Apple and Microsoft complete dominance over the market /*very high pricess and uniformness or unreliability and cowardes*/. 
Fortunatly there is a group who has noticed what was going on and has acted . FreeBeOs .
they are intent on a comunity purchase and relese as freeware by the OpenSouce community .
They Need Y O U R E Help .
You are the opensouce comunity and You will be the benefactor of this tryumph .
For more infomation please write to
sincerly .
 Sid Davies .
please excuss shocking spelling

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