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bootable CD?

I have been booting the (installed) system off the installation CD, which works great.  (G4, potato, installed on external scsi drive, non BIOS scsi card).  I would like to be able to create CDs to boot from - either for backup for when I wear this one out, or to use a different kernel, or whatever - but I am having no success.  Whether I copy the relevant files (kernel, yaboot, yaboot.conf, etc.) to a new CD, or I copy the entire Debian CD, I still get the same  message from OF: ?can?t OPEN: cd:,\\yaboot?.  A comparison (by Toast) of the Debian CD and my copy shows there are two (invisible, root directory) files that are not being copied, Desktop DB and Desktop DF.  Do these ?bless? the CD, making it bootable and, if so, does anybody know of any way to make them copyable so I can get them onto my CD?  Or any other way to get it to work?
Alternatively, is there any way to get the boot-floppy-hfs.img on a (bootable) CD?  Getting it on a floppy seems pretty easy, but that?s not terribly useful on a G4....
I can?t find anything on this subject anywhere I?ve looked, so any suggestions, hints, info, etc. would be most appreciated.

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