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Re: Need 2.4.9-benh0 snapshot or diff

>yes, i forgot to mention power management.  when do you think that
>will be stable enough to start sendint to linus and merging with the
>stable branch?

The problem isn't really stability, but more various tweaks I had
to do to non-PPC specific code that will be difficult to merge. I will
try to get those in once 2.4.x is considered as "stable" ;) On the
other end, I'm working with Patrick Mochel on the new driver model
and PM stuff for 2.5 that should "fix" this problem once for all.

>> Once those things are considered stable enough, I merge them into
>> 2_4_devel, and eventually 2_4 (in this case, I also send patches
>> to Linus for inclusion in the main tree).
>do you send them or does paulus?  i haven't seen your name in any of
>linus' changelogs in quite some time, but paul has been getting stuff
>merged quite regularly (though nothing much since .10).

I do send some myself occasionally, Linus doesn't like my mailer
very much, and tend to forget adding my name to the cset's ;)


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