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get_hardsect_size not exported


>From what I found when looking things up, starting from 2.4.4,
get_hardblocksize(dev) has been removed from the kernel. and seems to have
been replaced by a new call named get_hardsect_size(dev).

I compiled a module on a kernel prior to 2.4.4 that used to call the
get_hardblocksize(dev) and after upgrading to 2.4.15-pre2, I had to replace
it with the new call to successfully compile. Easy enough. The problem is
that the new symbol is not exported by the kernel anymore and the module
will fail to load (insmod -v says that get_hardsect_size can't be found.)
Now I wonder what is the best way to solve that.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me figuring this.


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