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Re: Buildd Failures

I don't quite understand this one: scsitools build-depnds on tk8.2 which
provides wish8.2. The alternatives then get set to point wish to
wish8.2. At least, this is how it seems to work on my machine. Here's an
excerpt from the failed build log on voltaire.

| Build-Depends: tk8.2, debhelper
| **** Warning:
| **** The following central src deps are (probably) missing:
|   wish
| Checking for already installed source dependencies...
| tk8.2: missing
| debhelper: already installed
| Checking for source dependency conflicts...
|   /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/apt-get $CHROOT_OPTIONS -q -y install tk8.2

Please requeue rproxy, it seems to build fine on my machine and may have
just been built at a weird time before.

I filed a few bugs.

yadex 120284 
semidef-oct 120288
radiusclient 120290
tclcurl 120293
njamd 120339
mrproject 120347
libbonobo 120355
wordtrans 120362
mangoquest 120370



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