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Re: Buildd Failures

I was able to build the following packages on my box using Nov. 12 sid
and pbuilder, so they should probably be requeued.

xpvm 1.2.5-7
gfontview 0.3.2-2.1
rlinetd 0.5.6
wget-retriever 0.007

The following all seem to have libtool/automake problems on voltaire, 
but not on my box. I was wondering if voltaire has the latest versions?
Any other ideas?

libregexx 0.96-1.1 
libsndfile 0.0.26-1
w3c-libwww 5.3.2-7

I also filed bugs on the following packages.

gpgme 119573
libgcrypt 119592
readseq 119586
apmd 119595
petscgraphics 119598

Colin Walters has agreed to be my advocate, so I'm starting down the dd



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