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Re: Endless Problems with XF86Config, what am I doing wrong?

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sloopy malibu wrote:
> on 11/12/01 9:31 AM using moldy cheese mikeyukish@psu.edu engraved
> this message
> > At 03:15 PM 11/12/01 +0100, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> >> Mike Yukish wrote:
> >>
> >>> I tried BootX with "no video driver" forced, and then (from the
> >>> LinuxPPC FAQomatic) tried the kernel arguments:
> >>>
> >>> video=controlfb:vmode:13,cmode:16  3
> >>
> >> It's been a long time since I last used BootX, but these two
> >> settings sound contradictory. Try not forcing "no video driver".
> >
> > Oops, I meant to say "I first tried checking 'no video driver', then
> > I tried not checking 'no video driver' and passing kernel
> > arguments." Neither case worked.
> mike, i run a 8500/150 which is similar to your 7600, and this is how
> i got X to run on my machine...
> check 'no video driver' set machine  in Mac OS to 832x624 or 1024x768
> at thousands of colors... (no kernel command line options...) then
> boot into linux and go to XF86Config '/usr/X11R6/lib/X11' and go to
> the section labeled 'screen' and make sure for 'modes' it says
> "default" (with the double quotes) and for defaultcolordepth make sure
> it says 16 and then in the subsection for displaymake sure there is an
> entry for depth of 16...

Right, didn't think of Mode "default", that should also work 'with video

> and it works fine... the only caveat i have is when in X and the
> screen blanks out it will crash the X server and will go back to a
> text console...

That's probably a consequence of 'no video driver', I guess OFfb doesn't
support the blank ioctl.

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