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fnset utility on lombard, and fn/Ctrl swapping


Has anyone got the "fnset" utility from Jimi Xenidis got working on a
lombard (and woody with 2.4.13-pre3-ben0)? It has defined a constant for
Lombards but doesn't work nonetheless (it shows no effect).

Then I also would like to swap the functionality of the fn and the left
ctrl keys so that they are in the order
 [Ctrl] [ fn ] [ alt ] [ Cmd ]
 - I hate that the Ctrl key on the lombard is not the leftmost key where
my fingers are used to find it, and worse, need it to be able to also
press shift at the same time (moreover, our PC Dell Laptop *has* the
keys like that).
I guess this would have to be done at the kernel level, if at all
possible. Could anyone give some hints? (BTW I use fn-Ctrl and fn-Alt as
middle/right mouse key substitutes, might have to change these)


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