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Re: filesystem for shared disk

On Tue, Nov 27, 2001 at 07:45:51PM +0800, Kin Chung wrote:
> Michael Schmitz wrote:
> >Fabian Jakobs wrote:
> >> does HFS have any restrictions concerning partition size?
> >
> >HFS doesn't - MockOS might (at least 7.5.x wasn't happy with huge
> >partitions IIRC; 1 GB should be fine though).
> As far as I know, Sys 9.0.4 is quite happy with absolutely huge
> partitions (I seem to recall that my ibook came with it installed
> on one huge 10 metric GB partition).  I would guess that the later*
> versions of MacOS would be happy with large partitions, although
> I seem to recall somebody mentioning that HFS may get a little short
> of inodes at large sizes.  I did have a >1 GB HFS partition at one
> stage, and had no problems with it (then again, I never did get
> anywhere near filling it up).
> Cheers,
> Kin Hoong

There used to be a 2GB limit that was relieved around System 8 or
so. But as you mentioned HFS file fragments get huge above 2GB (more
than 64k each) because IIRC HFS splits the disk into 32000 pieces no
matter what the size. So you really lose big for many small
files. Also, MacOS Sys 7 would really bog down bad with more than 500
files in a folder.

As a small exchange volume, HFS will be fine.

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