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RE: Kernel 2.4 - serial/internal modem problem

>The problem is that wvdialconf (and other dialers) won't wait long
>enough for the modem to power up (which takes approximately 3 seconds
>after opening the port).

>You should configure wvdial manually, and make sure it has a longer
>timeout when sending the init string.

Thanks for the help!  I have dial-up working now using a chat script with a
5 second TIMEOUT value when it sends its first init string (however, I still
couldn't get wvdial to work, not that it matters now.)  

The only question I still have (just out of curiosity) is why wasn't this a
problem in the 2.2 kernel.  With the older kernel, you didn't (seem to) have
to wait for the modem to power up.  Why would it make a difference what
kernel you are using if this is an issue with the modem taking long to power

Thanks again for the assistance,

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