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RE: Kernel 2.4 - serial/internal modem problem

>The only question I still have (just out of curiosity) is why wasn't this a
>problem in the 2.2 kernel.  With the older kernel, you didn't (seem to) have
>to wait for the modem to power up.  Why would it make a difference what
>kernel you are using if this is an issue with the modem taking long to power
>Thanks again for the assistance,

With 2.2 (and olders 2.4's), I used to unconditionally block for 3 seconds
in the driver's open() call. Paulus changed this recently to some smarter
mecanism that just blocks outgoing datas, unfortunately, this is also
triggering the timeout in the dialers.

We could either revert to the old mecanism, which would probably break
open() semantics as most dialers call it with O_NONBLOCK, or we can get all
dialers patched to use longer default timeouts....


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