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Re: Buildd Failures

Hi, Stephen

El 25 Nov 2001 a las 04:32PM -0600, Stephen R Marenka escribio:
> I also filed the following bugs.
> kannel 121134

This is not directly a kannel problem.

Kannel needs threads support in openssl. Openssl package (and all its
binary packages generated from them) have been uploaded by its maintainer,
Christoph Martin, on Saturday 24 Nov. Latest openssl package (0.9.6b-4)
has threads support, so i think kannel will build well now.

Please update libssl-dev at voltaire to 0.9.6b-4, it has 0.9.6b-2 now.

I will wait for you to test it again, or tell me that libssl-dev is
updated to, before closing the bug.


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