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debian on rs/6000


I have a rs/6000 43p Model 150 and I alredy install a debian on it. but I
have some problems with the video. the machine has a Matrox Mystique
adapter with 16 Mb of memory but I can not use a definition beyond
800x600 and there is an intense flickering in the monitor (a p92 IBM). I
found the monitor manual (was not easy) and I think  the frecuency is
correctly set.

the thing is I have been trying to compile kernels like 2.4.12 or 2.4.14
which i think alredy solve the problems with matrox adapters (I download
them but no one boot the machine.

some body can give me some tip about what can I do with the new kernels or
the video problem?

thanks in advance.

best regards,  


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