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Re: get_hardsect_size not exported

Laurent de Segur wrote:
> Hi,
> >From what I found when looking things up, starting from 2.4.4,
> get_hardblocksize(dev) has been removed from the kernel. and seems to have
> been replaced by a new call named get_hardsect_size(dev).
> I compiled a module on a kernel prior to 2.4.4 that used to call the
> get_hardblocksize(dev) and after upgrading to 2.4.15-pre2, I had to replace
> it with the new call to successfully compile. Easy enough. The problem is
> that the new symbol is not exported by the kernel anymore and the module
> will fail to load (insmod -v says that get_hardsect_size can't be found.)
> Now I wonder what is the best way to solve that.

Take a peek at 



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