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Re: Buildd Failures

> > > emil    2.1.0-beta9-10
> >
> > Missing build dep on 'ed'.  You need to declare build deps on Priority:
> > important packages.  I think your chroot probably has it installed, I
> > don't know how pbuilder works.  Requeued.  Of course, I could be wrong,
> > since ed seemed to be installed.
> Erm, wouldn't 'ed' need to be declared as a Build-Dep for anything which
> needs it to build?  From what I can tell it's not on the build-essential
> lists, so it would have to be listed.  Right?

Right (at least for packages above some particular standards version that
introduced the concept of Build-Depends; I doubt priority has something
to do with it).

In practice, most people running autobuilders caved in and install a
sensible set of packages not in build-essential, in order to get anything


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