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Re: installation success using 3.0.16 on iBook Dual USB / HOWTO

Brendan O'Dea wrote:

On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 02:53:57PM -0500, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:

Oh, one note that I forgot to mention.  Don't use the mac-usb keymap on
the TiBook....it's apparently incorrect (as I found out when I rebooted
after setting it).  For now, the kernel keymap appears to be the better
choice.  I'll keep looking into this to see if I can provide a keymap that
is ideal on this beast.

Incorrect how?  I have mac-usb-us installed on my 400Mhz tibook without

I'm having some trouble with mac-usb-us, I dpkg-reconfigure to select it, then reboot, but it goes back to the normal non-USB variant. So I have to dpkg-reconfigure each time I reboot. Is there some kind of auto-sensing going on which resets this at boot time (because I don't have a USB keyboard, I just want cmd and alt switched)?

I've filed bug #117777 on this.

Any ideas?

-Adam P.

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