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Re: headless G4 Cube with serial console

On Sat, Nov 03, 2001 at 12:17:17PM -0500, Eric C. Cooper wrote:
> and the kernel boot messages appear there, but the yaboot prompt still
> appeared on the monitor.  I fixed this by replacing the ofboot

this is because i had to force it in the ofboot script, otherwise
apple's braindamaged OF happily ensures that all ofboot/yaboot output
goes to OF's /dev/null

it would be better if i could make that more flexiable, but since this
is a special case and you certainly won't need dual booting this
solution is perfectly fine.

> script with a much simpler one:
> 	MacRISC
> 	PowerPC GNU/Linux First Stage Bootstrap
> 	load-base release-load-area
> 	" hd:2,\\yaboot" $boot
> I put this script in /etc/local/simpleboot, and changed yaboot.conf to use
> 	magicboot=/etc/local/simpleboot
> Now I can see the whole boot sequence on a terminal connected to the
> serial port.

note that your machine may not even need a magicboot at all, some
newwer macs don't have the silly requirement that the bootfile
(\\:tbxi) be a CHRP script.  you can test this by simply commenting
out `magicboot=' from your /etc/yaboot.conf and reruning mkofboot.

> Finally, I removed the video card and turned off the kernel options
> for console video, VTs, and input core support. I still needed ADB
> support for access to the RTC and NVRAM devices, and I left in USB
> audio so I can use the speakers.

CONFIG_PPC_RTC requires adb support? are you sure?

deprecated kludge /sbin/clock does, but you don't need that program

> Without the video card, the Cube runs about 5 degrees C cooler,
> according to the TAU info in /proc/cpuinfo.
> It's a great server -- small, quiet, and very stylish.

very interesting, would you like you write a small mini-howto for

Ethan Benson

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