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Re: kdelibs3 upgrade problem

> What if you try upgrading all these together?
> Why did the dist-upgrade fail in the first place?

I did try at one point. Kept getting stuck at the point where there was some 
conflict over what .png files would be overwritten by kdebase vs. kdelibs3.

I think that there is something wrong with the dependencies. The upgrade from 
the previous version of kde to 2.2.1 I think is part of the problem. 

I finally figured something out by downloading kdelibs3 separately, and then 
forcing it to install, forcing the overwrite. This caused other problems, 
though. While it allowed for the upgrade of kde, kmail didn't upgrade, so I 
was stuck with it being the lower version (1.2, IIRC), which caused all sorts 
of other problems with my mail. I submitted a bug report to the kde-kmail 
team, and got the following reply:
> Cc: 35139-close@bugs.kde.org
> On Tuesday 20 November 2001 15:18, rhires@earthlink.net wrote:
>> Package: kmail
>> Version: 1.2 (using KDE 2.2.1 )

> KMail 1.2 is not supposed to work on KDE 2.2.1.
> Please upgrade to KMail 1.3.1 and tell Debian, that there is something 
> with their dependancies.

> Regards,
> Michael Häckel

I finally figured everything out after this. I manually downloaded a few of 
the packages that were necessary, and installed with great abandon. I'm up to 
the correct version of kmail now...

Sorry for the tangent. Should I file a bug report? I didn't keep a very good 
log of what happened, and I haven't seen anyone else with this sort of 



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