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Re: "super" pkgs (was Re: Back to RedHat) "test" boot-floppies set for slink has been uploaded 'closes=24893'? (Was Re: Uploaded sysklogd 1.3-29 (source i386) to master) (sin asunto) (WARNING) xfree86 (source all i386) uploaded to master .xsessions /USR/BIN/CRON Re: /USR/BIN/CRON and overprocessing (offtopic by now) (long) Re: /usr/local in some packages Re: /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/ may not be conffile ? /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.shlibs 1FA: problem still in hamm disks 1st unpacking, 2nd dependency checking [<>] Bug#27841: apt: apt depends on a missing library [comp.os.linux.announce] COMMERCIAL: Debian User's Guide Second Edition $38.95 [comp.os.linux.misc] Re: weird remote autologout in Debian? [ ANNOUNCE: Fulcrum scientific plotting tool update] [ Live and let live] [ Re: copyright problem] Re: [ Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender] [Help!] Problems with autofs after upgrade to slink... [HELP]: FILESYSTEM ERROR ! :(((((((((((( Re: [HELP]: FILESYSTEM ERROR ! :(((((((((((( IT'S SOLVED ! :))) [ (small) ANNOUNCE: gcad 0.0.2 (and CVS)] [ Re: copyright problem] [ [FYI] Cool Changes in JDK1.2b4] [Milan Zamazal] Re: Intent to package sabre [ Debian bugs information: logs for bug#26827] Re: [TECH-CONTACTS] Debian [ [ale] Loan Equipment to Linux In Action Booth] ``Open Source Software is Better'' paper Alarming Pine/remote netscape problem ALS, possable mess? Ammendment: Constituion ANNOUNCE nn 6.5.1 another problem maybe relate to lesstiffg Another upgrade problem Antwort: Re: [ Re: copyright problem] Antwort: Re: Packages that disappeared Anyone packaging snes9x? apache 1.3.2 and php3 Apache Version Conflict apache-ssl 1.3.3+1.27-1 depends on libssl09 Apt + Netselect Server choosing Re: APT 0.1.6 is released! APT 0.1.7 released! Apt problem apt pulling my leg? Apt source list change? Apt UI design Apt UI design, version 2 apt: small download Asking for LILO configurations, intent to make 'liloconfig' Auto-removal of libraries? Autocompilation and source dependencies Automated package-popularity survey (was Re: We need easier installation.) Automatic packages (was Re: "super" pkgs) Re: Back to RedHat Bad signature!! [was: Re: LICENSES] Better (inc. asynchronous) DNS client (stub resolver) boot disks (was Re: developer status again) boot floppies (july 21 1998) error ? (fwd) boot-floppies, rewrite of help screens broken eterm broken libBrokenLocale ? Broken links inbetween releases Bug 26827 again (about secure-su) bug in apt-get? bug in xbase_3.3.2.3a-3? bug in xinit/startx or /etc/X11/Xsession? Bug Report? Bug Report?! Part II. Bug with xv? Bug#25201: marked as done ( not working for non-us sites) Re: Bug#26065: Removing Packages in Slink for Debian 2.1 Bug#27663: project: installing linuxconf on my maschine running Debian slink Re: Bug#27697: auto-include-dependency failure case Re: Bug#27753: libpgjava: depends on jdk1.1-runtime, which is now included in jdk1.1 Re: Bug#27753: libpgjava: depends on jdk1.1-runtime, which is now included in jdk1.1 Re: Bug#27823: proftpd: non-maintainer upload (alpha) diffs Bug#27995: invalid CONVERT_PATH in gdk-imlib1 Re: Bug#28334: mutt-i produces broken Message-IDs Re: Bug#28345: xdm: doesn't check if in X Re: Bug#28383: Ejecting PCMCIA cards at suspend time Bug#28442: general: warning - config file `/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc' is a circular link Re: Bug#28618: efax uses binary lockfiles Bugs with X Business trip from 4rth till 10th oct Call for lawyers: GPL Intelectual property protection Re: Call for lawyers: GPL Intelectual property protection Can I create a sym-link in CVS? Can't compile gdb-4.17 Re: Can't compile gdb-4.17 (Still) Can't link libtiff.a static Canada to remain mostly free cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt) CD images of Slink cdrom, ppp problem with 2.1.125 CERT Advisory CA-98.12: Exploitable Buffer Overflow in mountd? Changing emacs20 to use latin1 encoding by default. Cint - Re: [...] incremental compiling and loading Closing bugs Closing freetype2-dev/freetype1 bug report. Comdex? Compilation problem Compile new apache module / Anyone package it? Consensus on source packages for ports? Contacting authors contacting porters (was: Contacting authors) Re-contacting the new-maintainer people is misdocumented (was: Re: developer status again) Re: copyright problem Copyrights and licenses Core dump while "dpkg -i tetex-base_0.9.981008-2.deb Corporate Visibility for Linux Craig Small here? crypto question crypto question again The last update was on 08:47 GMT Wed Dec 14. There are 3048 messages. Page 1 of 7.

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