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Apache Version Conflict


Today I snagged apache-ssl from non-us.  I noted that it was version
1.3.1 and my Apache is 1.3.2, but it doesn't seem to conflict with the 
installed Apache, so I figured it must be fine.  I installed it,
keeping the apache-common from 1.3.2 (again, no dependencies indicated 
any trouble).

However, when I'd try to run it, I would get errors about missing
symbols from mod_rewrite.  Fine, I comment out mod_rewrite in
/etc/apache-ssl/htpd.conf and restart.  Now the server coredumps, even 
when I run /usr/bin/apache-sslctl configtest.  How can one have both
Apaches on a system at once without these issues?

1.3.2 has some nice things so I'd like to keep it as my "main" server
but provide SSL encrypted connections for some other things as well.
Why is this not possible, and how can it be fixed?

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