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Re: Apt UI design

On Thu, Oct 22, 1998 at 06:26:08PM -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
> >Joe seems to "forget" term settings now and then which causes Row/Col
> >updates to screw up the text area.  Jow forgets to reset terminal settings
> >on exit frequently causing me to need to stty sane (this is not just inside
> >joe) and other annoyances.
>     Odd.  Joe works fine in screen but not out.  For me that is because of
> problems in the vt??? defines in termcap/terminfo, not in joe.  I've never
> had problems with it "forgetting" to reset terminal settings.

I know of 2 other people this happens for, but nobody else can duplicate it. 
We can't either reliably, just that about 1/3 of exits it happens.  I can't
for the life of me find out exactly what causes it.

Show me the code or get out of my way.

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