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Re: APT 0.1.6 is released!

>>>>> "M" == M Dietrich <mdt@mdt.in-berlin.de> writes:

    Ben> Please test out this new release of APT; we hope everyone can
    Ben> enjoy it!

    M> this apt is really great! thnx alot for your work (just for not
    M> only sending bug-reports on apt)! it worked out to exchange
    M> sendmail for smail without any problem. ok, it trashed my nfs,
    M> but this may be a packaging problem.

I think you need to install the new nfs-server package.

    M> where are the other parts of apt, the frontend and the like? is
    M> it possible to look at those programs in a early state of
    M> development?

You can always download the source. :)

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