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Bugs with X

On Fri, Oct 16, 1998 at 07:24:21PM +1000, Chris Leishman wrote:

> I am running XF86_SVGA server, at 1280x1024 res, 16-bit.  I am
> running slink and have updated everything to the latest releases.

Interesting - how exactly does it crash?  What card do you have?

I have gleaned a bit more information about my own X troubles.  It
seems they only show up (I am praying) with things launched from other
machines, like netscape that I run off another box and display
locally.  The display locks up and load goes to 1, indicating
something getting stuck in a loop.   The culprit function seems to be

For Branden:

Is there anyway that you can (easily) build a particular server with
debugging symbols included?  This is not crucial time wise (ie, it can
wait untill you are less busy with slink:-), but I'm really not
interested in the prospect of trying to download the whole bloody
source package....:-/

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