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Re: Autocompilation and source dependencies

Some thoughts...

On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 10:58:54AM +0100, Brederlow wrote:
> - The debian mirror will be mounted via nfs as read-only filesystem.

Non-issue.  APT, remember?

> - All packages that are known to be necessary to build the package are 
>   installed via apt-get install. Questions asked and answerers given
>   should be recorded and reused for further tries. At the first try,
>   no dependencies will be known, so nothing more will be installed.

To be honest, I'm substantially more interested in the ability to do
this on the local system.  There are, as a rule, not all that many
packages required to build the system.  A chroot is nice, but doing it
outside of one could be more useful.

> - libtricks is initiated to report any read or execute command to any
>   file (within the changeroot and only for subprocesses of cause).
>   libtricks then reports any use of a file/programm on stderr.
> - The build process will be started via "dpkg-buildpackage" inside the 
>   libtricks enviroment.
> - The output of libtricks is cleaned (libtricks output and errors from 
>   compilation must be seperated), is sorted and uniquified and, if
>   possible, made canonical.
> - Now we have a list of all files the package depends on during
>   build. This is compared to the Contents-<arch> file and thus
>   Packages are determined. In case no match is found for a file a near
>   match will be searched (filenames are not generally canonical) and
>   the near match(es) marked as possible dependency.

First of all, a speed tip - make libtricks send it to a _file_.  Both
simplify parsing and increase speed quite amazingly.
I think that while this is a nice idea, source depends added by hand
will be a lot more useful.  There are some definite problems - for
instance, packages which will build just fine without emacs installed
but more completely with, or ditto makeinfo.


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