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Apt + Netselect Server choosing

With all this talk of Apt and adding teh ability to the package
to build a sources.list using something like netselect (the idea
being to choose the best posible server from the known list), I 
decided to give netselect a try.

The fact is that from the network I am on (at work) netselect does 
NOT work. This should probably be noted and definitly an optional step
(especially since apt-get itself works fine from here)

netselect works now:
[sjc@lenny sjc]$netselect -vv helix stat1 stat3 hedwig
helix                                    2 ms   2 hops  100% ok (10/10) [    2]
stat1                                    2 ms   2 hops   50% ok ( 5/10) [    6]
stat3                                    3 ms   3 hops  100% ok (10/10) [    3]
hedwig                                   2 ms   2 hops   50% ok ( 5/10) [    4]
    2 helix

but if I use a host outside our firewall:

[sjc@lenny sjc]$netselect -vv helix www.debian.org
helix                                    1 ms   2 hops  100% ok (10/10) [    1]
www.debian.org                        9999 ms  30 hops    0% ok
    1 helix

--- of course...traceroute doesn't work past our firewall either

Is there perhaps some other way this could work (maybe that the test could
fall back on in case there isa firewall problem)?

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