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On Tue, 27 Oct 1998 jim@laney.edu wrote:

> Now... the symptoms described (processes accumulating until no more processes 
> left and no one can do anything with the machine after that) would seem to 
> match the symptoms on a box we have with slink running on it. So, my question 
> is: has anyone else noticed these symptoms? I rebooted the machine in question 
> under my control, and I haven't noticed any /USR/BIN/CRON processes in the 
> list.
> Looking again... machine up 1 hour, no problems and no such processes.
> I have noticed that the machine never lasts the night tho... fw that's w
Well, it only does it because of system failure.
I restarted my cron last night at 20:02, and noticed this morning that I
got the same problem...  lots of /USR/BIN/CRON processes running (a couple
of hundred!).

I can't find any process, that's bugging it though (i.e. not exiting).
And It also looks wierd, that the first /USR/BIN/CRON process started
01:29  -  and then it just kept on starting new /USR/BIN/CRON processes
for some time until no more processes could be run.

Another related question is: What number of processes can actually run on
a system?  (I have slink, kernel 2.0.35)   I see that there's a limit.
Why?  And is this limit too low?


Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: latin1


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