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Broken links inbetween releases

I'm trying to maintain a slink and sid mirror at home via sneakernet
and every now and then I hit a link to hamm when I look for something.

Makeing links inbetween releases saves a lot of diskspace, so its
worth keeping, but I want to propose a different scheme of
implementing them:

Its best explained using current releas names.

For slink, there should be a directory, or even a complete tree, that
contains all links inbetween hamm and slink. Any link in binary-m68k
(for example) from slink to hamm would go to that dir, lets call it
hamm-sid-links, first and from there to hamm.

A Person downloading a release could then fetch the archs he wants and
arch-all from slink just as normal and also fetch hamm-sid-links with
an option to resolve links. That way he would have the correct
structure and no dangling symlinks to hamm.

May the Source be with you.

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