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Re: (WARNING) xfree86 (source all i386) uploaded to master

On Thu, 22 Oct, 1998, rcw@rcw.oz.net wrote:
> turbo@debian.org wrote:
> >Is there  any 'debian-warning'  or some mailing  list (or could  it be
> >created, AND USED), where this  kind of stuff could be crossposted to?
> >debian-devel is  _WAY_ to crowded  for the 'casuall unstable'  user to
> >follow, even _I_ have trouble with it, but I think I must...
> No, there isn't.
> I second Turbo's motion, although I'd rather it be called
> 'debian-unstable-alert'.
> It should be reserved for discussing issues about things severely broken
> in the unstable distribution, including temporary workarounds, fixed
> package announcments, etc.

The obvious choice would be debian-devel-announce, everybody on debian-devel
reads it and it is much lower volume, so people are not going to miss

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