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Re: Bug 26827 again (about secure-su)

warp@whitestar.soark.net writes:
> Which still means that secure-su can not be installed on a debian
> system, as findutils, which is 'Essential: yes' requires gnu-su...
> So, where does this leave us?

Everyone is completely ignoring one vital point:

Kevin Dalley fixed findutils 4.1-30 *more than a month ago*
to not use '-s /bin/sh'. Not that he updated bug #26827, but we'll overlook
that :)

All that has to be done is have secure-su fixed to Conflict: with findutils
4.1-29, the only version released with '-s /bin/sh'.
Robert Woodcock - rcw@oz.net
"Unix and C are the ultimate computer viruses" -- Richard Gabriel

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