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Bug#27995: invalid CONVERT_PATH in gdk-imlib1

From: Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net>

> I dropped the imagemagick dependency before I gave this library to Brian
> Almeida.  If you install the library correctly it will only try to find
> configure when you load an invalid image format.  Seeing as the lib does not
> depend on imagemagick anymore, the missing support could be termed a feature.
In my opinion the ImLib packages depend from ImageMagick.
The flexibility of ImLib in loading many file formats depends from
other tools like ImageMagick.

If I want to load an image in a format ImLib can't handle natively it
tries various fallback methods.  The first one is to try convert.
The success of using convert depends from the correctly set
CONVERT_PATH variable at compile time.  This variable isn't set correctly
in the Debian package and so ImLib fails whether or not ImageMagick
is installed or not.  This is surely a bug, because I havn't any
chance to use all features of ImLib.

I think the ImLib packages have to depend from ImageMagick.

It's a matter to discuss how to handle the dependencies from
for instance NetPbm which is a part of non-free.  I think that
the non-free parts of the ImLib package should depend from this too.

Kind regards


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