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On 27-Oct-98, 03:19 (CST), Bill Mitchell <debian@pny-fmail.webquest.com> wrote: 
> On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Steve Greenland wrote:
> > > Why the ugly /USR/BIN/CRON and not /usr/bin/cron? <snip>
> > > Is there not a policy about this?
> I haven't followed this discussion, but the FHS says:
>   Software should never create or require special files or subdirectories
>   in the root directory.  Other locations in the FHS hierarchy provide
>   more than enough flexibility for any package.

Uhhh, this isn't about files. When the main cron daemon forks to run a
command from a crontab, the child cron changes the value of argv[0] to
all uppercase. This affects how it shows up in the output of ps and also


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