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[mazzocch@pop.systemy.it: [FYI] Cool Changes in JDK1.2b4]

This comes from the Apache-Jserv list.

Now, what I am wondering is if JServ continues to ignore free Java VMs
and Sun continues its irresponsible development of the Java "standard"
in the same "secret" way it has been, should JServ be considered non-free?

In other words, did we decide that if a DFSG compliant program (ie. a KDE
client) requires a non-DFSG program to run then it would be considered
non-free? That's right isn't it? Should we tell the Apache-Jserv team that
Jserv will not be distributed with Debian?

(The reason for all this is that I am thinking of packaging it)


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I just finished to download the new (well, almost new now) JDK 1.2b4 and
found very nice improvements.

I suggest you all to download it and take a close look at the changes,
they may seem modest, but I believe they will make both developer's life
easier and execution faster.

When the time comes, the new JServ 2.0 design will be based on JDK 1.2,
no matter what, due to the new security framework and many other nice
improvements (collections, weak references, API enhancements, bugfixes
and many others).

I know that this may generate a problem is 1.2 is not available on
platforms like Linux, but I have been assured by JavaSoft guys that when
the final release comes, porting would be easy and fast.


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