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Re: 1FA: problem still in hamm disks

ben@cse.ucsc.edu (Ben Gertzfield)  wrote on 16.10.98 in <yttn26wgv2m.fsf@gilgamesh.cse.ucsc.edu>:

> >>>>> "Brent" == Brent Fulgham <bfulgham@xpsystems.com> writes:
>     Brent> I'd like to chime in -- It's a real annoyance that the base
>     Brent> disks don't set up lilo to let you boot into multiple
>     Brent> operating systems.  Couldn't it ask if you want to
>     Brent> dual-boot with windows, or whatever, and generate an
>     Brent> appropriate lilo.conf file?
> Sure. How about you write the script to do so?

What happened to the old lilo QuickInst or however it was named? I think I  
used that when installing my first (Slackware) Linux, and I believe saw it  
under /usr/doc/lilo not so long ago. ISTR it doing a decent job of  
implementing this - or maybe my memory is faulty?

MfG Kai

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