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On 26 Oct 1998 john@dhh.gt.org wrote:

> Santiago Vila writes:
> > Does every daemon have the right to uppercase its name or just cron has
> > that right? Is there any item in policy about this exception?
> There is something more powerful than policy at work here: Unix tradition.
> Cron has *always* done this.

Tradition may sometimes be braindead.

In either case, if tradition is more powerful than policy, it should be
clearly written somewhere in the policy, or else policy will be useless.

But if we write that in the policy itself, the policy will be useless as
well ;-)

In summary: If there is something more powerful than the policy
then the policy is useless.

> While I admit it is peculiar, I see no reason why this should be against
> policy.   There may even be scripts out there that depend on this.

Since Debian is free and comes with source code, we will obviosuly be able
to change whatever scripts are broken due to cron's own brokenness.

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