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Bug Report?


knowing my impatience i nevertheless dare rising my case here after
only three days without answers on debian-users (worse off with 
Debian 2.0) because i think that its clearly a development issue.

The situation:

a self written programm (i'd like to run 24 hours a day) renders my
computer unusable for any other task. my observation says that the
cause is that my program relies heavy on file-io and my current 
Linux-version (debian 2.0 - kernel 2.0.34) is eager to comply by 
keeping the harddrive busy.

this busy harddrive is slowing down the whole system so it's 
nearly impossible do do anything else while this program is 
running e. g. i tried getting my mail (using fetchmail) and it
took 30 minutes on about 300 mails and then fetchmail reported 
a timeout (still 60 mails were left).

that wasn't the case when i was running my old Linux version 
(Debian 1.3.1 - Kernel 2.0.30) and of course running my programm
in background.

now i'd like to file a bug report on that issue and i'm at a loss.
offhand i just can imagine lots of different possible reasons
that would lead to different bugreports.

1. i recompiled my program to see whether the new libc would complain.
   default compile-parameters might have changed so that it might
   have been compiled with write-through option (i was using
   -c -g).

2. i am using a customized kernel because of my sound-card,
   maybe there is something i have overlocked that i schould 
   have included when recompiling my kernel.	 

i would hope one of this two reasons would apply because that 
would mean i can do something about it myself. as for other 
possible reasons, i think everyone of you could give half a
dozen offhand.
so, what to do now?

Helmut Metzdorf

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