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Re: Apt source list change?

>>>>> "Jules" == Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> writes:

    Jules> sources.list is a conffile.  They did change it, but dpkg
    Jules> should have asked you if you wanted to keep your version...

    Ossama> dpkg did ask me if I wanted to change it.  I answered
    Ossama> "yes" since I assumed that the default sources.list would
    Ossama> point to "unstable" since apt itself is in "unstable."
    Ossama> Well this certainly explains why I had a bunch of broken
    Ossama> dependencies.  :)

    Jules> I'm guessing that they changed it for the freeze - so it
    Jules> releases into stable in a way which works for people...

Yes, that's exactly what I did. :)


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