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Re: Bug#27823: proftpd: non-maintainer upload (alpha) diffs

> But you're missing my point. Why does a binary-only NMU give you the right
> to skip waiting, while a normal NMU does not? Why are they different? Why
> does one let you circumvent the rules, for however noble a purpose?
> Binary-only and normal NMU's are the same thing, and if you can do a
> binary-only NMU w/o waiting, you should be able to do a normal NMU w/o
> waiting. And if you can do that, it follows you should, since a normal NMU
> is better.

How will you feal, if i get one of your packages, make necessary patches for
kernel-2.1 and glibc-2.1 and egcs to it and upload the package _with_
source (without asking you for permission) to master. And then you notice
that this new source-package is broken on your system?

binary-only MNU hits only one arch
normal NMU hits possible all archs 

Another story:

I patched a debian binary in february, forwarded the patch directly to the
maintainer (not to the BTS) and uploaded this package as a binary-only
MNU. This package (with the patch) is always not yet available, because
the maintainer is very busy to make a new release. This is more then a
1/2 year !



PS: we talk no about two or three packages, porters means 100 or 200 packages :-)

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