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Re: bug in apt-get?

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Meskes <meskes@usa.net> writes:

    Michael> On Wed, Oct 07, 1998 at 12:32:32PM -0700, Ben Gertzfield
    Michael> wrote:

    Ben> I'm pretty sure policy states that a package cannot depend
    Ben> wholly on a virtual package; it has to depend on a real,
    Ben> preferred package, *or* the virtual package, like so:;
    Ben> Depends: jds1.1 | jdk1.1-runtime

(that should be jdk1.1, not jds of course.)

    Michael> So should I submit bug reports against these packages?

Yes. Here's the relevant part of policy you should cite:

8.6 Defaults for satisfying dependencies - ordering

   Ordering is significant in dependency fields.

   Usually dselect will suggest to the user that they select the package
   with the most `fundamental' class (eg, it will prefer Base packages to
   Optional ones), or the one that they `most wanted' to select in some

   In the absence of other information dselect will offer a default
   selection of the first named package in a list of alternatives.
   However, there is no way to specify the `order' of several packages
   which all provide the same thing, when that thing is listed as a
   Therefore a dependency on a virtual package should contain a concrete
   package name as the first alternative, so that this is the default.
   For example, consider the set of packages:

Package: glibcdoc
Recommends: info-browser

Package: info
Provides: info-browser

Package: emacs
Provides: info-browser
   If emacs and info both have the same priority then dselect's choice is
   essentially random. Better would be

Package: glibcdoc
Recommends: info | info-browser
   so that dselect defaults to selecting the lightweight standalone info


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