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Re: Changing emacs20 to use latin1 encoding by default.

Rob Browning writes:
 > There has been a discussion (Bug#27399) about making latin1 the
 > default encoding for emacs20.  Since I don't use anything other than
 > the standard encoding, and since I'm not an encoding expert, I wanted
 > to see what everyone else thinks about this.
 > The claim is that this is just a superset of the encoding we have now
 > as the default, and so it's strictly an improvement.
 > Thoughts?

Assuming that the current default encoding is ASCII, it could be
argued that latin1 (which I usually use) is not the only superset, and
is only valid for several countries.   latin2 or UTF8 are others, and
people using those would be IMHO more confused by seeing texts in their
custom encodings wrongly displayed as latin1, than displayed as ASCII
+ escaped chars.

Some nicer behaviours I can think of are:

* provide a conffile-configurable system-wide default encoding.  This
won't be perfect, but will be IMHO enough for most cases.

* have emacs pop up a warning when a text is loaded using the default
encoding, and some characters in it make it "possible" that it is not
adapted; ask the user for another charset in this case; if the default
has not been changed already, then ask whether to make the
newly-selected charset the default.

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